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Lenka Grackova

Workshop: Manage your success when you change your job 

By Lenka Grackova

Brussels: 25 May 2016

Every new job can easily become a too big of a challenge if we miss on translating our existing skills to the new environment. And not only that. Often we need to develop new skills for the new job and for that we need to take a structured approach that respects our unique strengths as well as weaknesses.

This workshop will show you how you can manage your own success when you change your job. It will be a working session, at the end of which you will know your objectives, you will create a plan to reach your objectives and you will learn tips how to follow through.

Whether you are involved in career change now, want to be ready for career change in the future or want to to better in your current job, this workshop has something to offer you.

About Lenka

Lenka is a certified coach working with people who have recently changed their jobs and their new job is a challenge.

During 15 years of professional experience Lenka has moved from marketing, logistics, sales, technology start-up to her own coaching business. The adaptation to the change has become her passion as it offers plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. Beside changing jobs, she enjoys walking, biking and exploring different self-development techniques.

You can learn more about her work on her web site and blog.

Practical Information

25 May 2016 from 18h45-21h00

Boulevard St Michel 47, 1040 Brussels

Public transport: Metro: Montgomery; Tram: Boileau

See map below or here...

How much?
A contribution of €12 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.

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  15. Ad van Ommen
  16. Frans Nijs
  17. Helena Ruiz Fabra *
  18. Candrianu Adriana *
  19. Oli Olivier *
  20. Leina Mestrovic *

  21. Lina Kusaite **
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  23. Dennis Elslander **
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