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Bess Stonehouse Overcoming Inertia

By Bess Stonehouse

Brussels: 13 January 2016

Deal with Inertia! Explore physics and find new mechanisms for a happier, more on-time and less cluttered life.

Inertia, pile-ups, putting stuff off… Sound like last year’s issues? They were! Funny that some of those items are still on your to-do list. Ok, not everything can be processed from idea to completion in one go, yet some of us have an uncanny skill at prolonging the process, the paralysis, and the punishment through procrastination. In this session you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas about how procrastination can be conquered and the New Year can be lighter and clutter free.

What You'll Learn

First, how does inertia start? Then, how do we nourish it, is there a benefit or reward to procrastinating? Is there comfort in disorder? Finally, how do we create a dynamic that leaves little or no room for inertia and leaves you with all the time you need to actually accomplish your goals in life, work, family, sport, or otherwise. We'll create a quick guided collective intelligence process for isolating your style of procrastination and transforming it into your style for forward impulse!

About Bess

Bess has embraced her "Inner Swiss Army Knife". After careers in fashion, live performance and farming, she is focussed on the red thread that permits convergence of all these different professional paths: creativity and human dynamics. Bess is a business consultant and OD Professional, moderating collective conversations for emergent ideas,  analysing complex environments and exploring opportunities for improvement, engagement and creative breakthroughs. Her experience in process design and problem solving has nourished enterprise shifts in organisations ranging from aéronautics to hospitals, manufacturing and services, public institutions, European design councils, and youth education. 

13 January 2016 from 18h45-21h00

Timesmore (Same location as VIP offices)
Boulevard St Michel 47, 1040 Brussels

Public transport: Metro: Montgomery; Tram: Boileau

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How much?
A contribution of €12 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.

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