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    Photo from Serious Waffle Session panel discussion

Other Activities at the Imagination Club

Our main activity at the Imagination Club is our workshops. Nevertheless, we also organise other activities from time to time. These include Serious Waffle Sessions, our annual barbecue, walks and occasional other events. In order to stay informed and be invited to our events, we suggest you subscribe to our mailing list (below).

Serious Waffle Sessions

Serious Waffle Sessions are relatively new at the Imagination Club. We choose a theme and then invite three experts each to give a 15 minute talk on the theme. Their aim is to teach members of the audience something (and, ideally, three things) new.

Serious Waffle Sessions are not held on a regular schedule, so watch our schedule or sign up for our mailing list (you can do both at the bottom of this page) to be informed of upcoming Serious Waffle Sessions. If you have questions or are interested in speaking at a Serious Waffle Session, please get in touch.

Annual Barbecue

We take a break from workshops in the summer so we the organisers can recharge our batteries. However, we don't neglect you completely. Every year (with the exception of 2020, which had to be cancelled owing to the pandemic), we hold a barbecue in Erps-Kwerps. Everyone and their families are invited and are asked to bring food and or drink -- ideally from their home country. We also provide meat, vegetarian options and drink. It's a wonderful opportunity to relax and get to know fellow Imagination Clubbers better.


When the coronavirus prevented us from holding live workshops at the Imagination Club, we began organising regular walks - usually at Tervuren Park. It was a good and safe opportunity to meet up with others and have a chat while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Sadly, restrictions in the winter of 2020 and early 2021 prevented group walks. However with easing restrictions, we will recommence the walks. 




Upcoming Events


28 February 2024 - Workshop: Deal with Your Anger in a Healthy Way - by Lenka Grackova

13 March 2024 - Workshop: Communication - by Gulay Yildizli

27 March 2024 - Workshop: to be announced. (If you'd like to do a workshop on this date, get in touch!)

10 April 2024 - Workshop: Revealing Emotional Blueprints: Cultivating Stronger Relationships by Alina Ciubotaru

Workshops are subject to change

Want to do a workshop with us? Get in touch!




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