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You are warmly welcome to join us at the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 at 18h45 for an interactive, experimental workshop on:

Neuroscience the Mind/Brain Body and Heart:
Change Your Mind, Change Anything ?

By Grace Grace

Grace Grace will explore the territory of our unconscious programming (all of us have it), and how we move past limitations we're not even aware of. Breakthroughs in neuroscience and consciousness research have opened new vistas into our innate potential.

Yes we can "body/brain build" ourselves to be happy. The tools are learnable, and immediately applicable. This will be a quick but thorough overview into inner freedom and happiness.

About Grace Grace

Grace Grace is a Flourisher: it is her job and her joy to make things flourish - from individuals to families, from small groups to communities, from enterprises to global organizations, from stuckness to happiness. With a background in entrepreneurship and counseling psychotherapy, she is the creator of The Jewels Process™, which reconnects people with their innate sacredness, rekindles their inspiration, sets them on a clear, purposeful path, and moves them beyond their perceived limitations. Passionate about training and the customer experience as a whole, she is also an inspired motivational speaker and tends to ignite enthusiasm wherever she goes.

She nows spends most of her time in Bali




25 February 2015
Time:18h45 to 20h30


VIP Offices
Boulevard St Michel 47
1040 Brussels

Metro: Montgomery
Tram: Boileau

See map below or here...

How much?

A contribution of €12 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.

Where's the web page?



Please reply to your invitation e-mail or follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.


  1. Jeffrey Baumgartner
  2. Andy Whittle
  3. Grace Grace
  4. + Guest
  5. Helen B
  6. Hikdegard F
  7. Wiola
  8. Dominique Byron
  9. Ingrid Kreksch
  10. Anna Rydén
  11. Bengt Olsson
  12. Nathan Axford
  13. MD
  14. PM
  15. Marie-Agnes Delvaux
  16. Julia Magrini
  17. Évi Molnár
  18. Veronique Allemane
  19. Catherine Behr-Gross
  20. Sylvia Gillot
  21. Peter Whippy
  22. Ally Doritos
  23. MF
  24. Solvene Renoult
  25. Estelle
  26. Agnes Tarnai
  27. Stephen Lawson
  28. Ana Adzersen
  29. Mei-Yin Teo
  30. + Guest
  31. Tomasz Kaminski
  32. Maria Ochoa
  33. Pat Patti *
  34. Anita Sheehan *
  35. Brigitta Bosze *
  36. Mia Mkinsi *
  37. Dominique Debroux *
  38. Brigitta Bosze *
  39. Mihaela Matei *
  40. Frank Barendregt *
  41. Solvene Karen Renoult *

  42. Oana Escu **
  43. Nadia Marin **
  44. Khurram Waqas Malik **
  45. Zlatimira Smile **
  46. Vito Cristallo **
  47. Erhun Alptekin **
  48. David De Bie **

* indicates confirmation via Facebook
** indicates 'maybe coming' on Facebook -- which in practice means they probably won't come. But we appreciate their enthusiasm for the event.

Want to come, but don't want your name on this list? No worries. Just tell us not to publish your name when replying.


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