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You are warmly welcome to join us at the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 13 June at 18h45 for an interactive, experimental workshop on:

Imagine You Are Someone Else

By Lynn Shaw

What do you think your life would be like if you were someone else? Not if you were someone else in the past, but if you were someone else right now.

  • What would you be like?
  • What would you be doing?
  • How would your life be better?

Want to find out?

Come and be your "someone else" in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Lynn Shaw's experimental workshop promises to be intriguing and enlightening. Join us and discover!

About Lynn Shaw

Lynn lives and works close to Tervuren just outside Brussels. Her passion is personal identity: helping people discover who they are, what they want from life and how to get it. She works with people internationally by phone and locally by phone or face-2-face. Learn more about Lynn at her web site here...

A special thanks to UBI for donating classroom space for us!



Wednesday, 13 June 2012
Time:18.45 to 20.30


UBI (United Business Institutes)
Marnixlaan, 20
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Between Troone and Naamsepoort metros

Map (see below or follow link)

How much?

A contribution of €10 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.



Please reply to your invitation e-mail or follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.

  1. Jeffrey Baumgartner
  2. Andy Whittle
  3. Lynn Shaw
  4. Elzbieta Markowska
  5. Ingrid Kreksch
  6. Sonia Resuli
  7. Jovana Bogojevic
  8. Dominique de Troyer
  9. Stephanie Bonin
  10. Jannie Dahlbudding
  11. Paul van Merode
  12. Ruth Friedman
  13. Erhun Alptekin
  14. Lodewijk Regout
  15. Patricia Shearer *
  16. Ruth Milligan *
  17. Samuel Dellicour *
  18. Yannick Bollati **
  19. Camelia Dogaru **
  20. Andrea Melody **

* indicates confirmation via Facebook
** indicates "maybe coming" on Facebook

Want to come, but don't want your name on this list? No worries. Just tell us not to publish your name when replying.


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