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Martin Jugmans story-telling

You are warmly welcome to join us at the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 8 February at 18h45 for an interactive, experimental workshop on:

Forward Tinkering
Martin Jugmans and Lina Kusaite

“This experimental workshop will be about improvisation, play and imagination, that each of us have, different and beautiful....”

Martin and Lina invite you to join them for an experimental evening. It is a workshop about how art coaching and story telling Lina Kusaitecan stimulate a group as well as the individual creative processes; how it can help you to enrich not only your own ideas, but also help others to reach more creative and rewarding results within a group.

Note: We ask you to choose the name of one flower or the plant that represents your personal qualities. If you could bring a picture with you, that would be very nice. As well, don't forget your good mood, imagination and playfulness.


Martin Jugmans is a storyteller. Known for his fertile imagination and humanistic ideals, Martin accompanies people in the creation of their stories. His approach, like a memorable fable, focuses on universal principles, interaction and bright ideas. Participants in Martin’s workshops, say that he has helped them to overcome obstacles, find harmony in relationships, and be inspired to tell a great tale.

Lina Kusaite is an illustrator, eco-garden designer and art coach. Nature is the main source of her creative activities. She looks into diverse ways of exploring, sharing and conveying the knowledge that she has gathered over the years. You can see some of her work here

A special thanks to UBI for donating classroom space for us!




Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Time:18.45 to 20.30


UBI (United Business Institutes)
Marnixlaan, 20
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Between Troone and Naamsepoort metros

Map (see below or follow link)

How much?

A contribution of €10 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.



Please reply to your invitation e-mail or follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.

  1. Jeffrey Baumgartner
  2. Andy Whittle
  3. Martin Jugmans
  4. Lina Kusaite
  5. Annette Moreal
  6. Ingrid Kreksch
  7. Paul Van Merode
  8. Dominique de Troyer
  9. Johan Vercruysse
  10. Paola Menabue
  11. Marc Bacon
  12. Lodewijk Regout
  13. Frank Turley *
  14. Hugo Demets *

* indicates confirmation via Facebook

Want to come, but don't want your name on this list? No worries. Just tell us not to publish your name when replying.


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