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Workshop sponsored in part by
Natasha Abudarham

You are warmly welcome to join the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 28 January at 18h45 for an interactive workshop on:

Reach for your dreams by kick starting your success for 2009

A fresh start, a second chance, a clean slate, it's a New Year and 2009 is waiting for you to accomplish your dreams and reach for the successes you know you deserve!

Most of us start a new year with new goals, fresh ideas and bags of excitement but by the time February comes, we've fallen back into our old ways and our New Years resolutions seem like a distant memory. It's more than common for many people to evaluate their lives and have the irresistible urge to make life changes around the New Year. This method of setting new patterns is a sure fire way to set you up for failure.

You set yourself high expectations, you have to give things up, so feel deprived, you become judgmental about your failures from previous years, you feel forced to succeed this year and then there is the natural fear and resistance to change that we all experience at some point in our lives. Mix up all these factors and you've already set negative emotions which become stumbling blocks around your will power and good intentions. No wonder the New Year stops being fun and filled with excitement before we reach February.

If you have set yourself goals this year, no matter what they are, healthy living, promotion at work, start your own business, earn more money, start a new relationship, stop smoking, let 2009 be your year of change and successes by joining us at the Reach for your dreams by kick starting your success for 2009 workshop!

During this 1.5 hour workshop, you will learn:

  1. Why your New Years Resolutions turn into failures
  2. Understand why your emotions set you up for success or failure
  3. The power of language and how your negative self talk holds you back
  4. Why you will naturally sabotage your success without realizing how or why you do it
  5. How to recognise and dispel your self imposed limiting beliefs
  6. How to give yourself the power to make 2009 the best year you have
    ever had

This workshop will be facilitated by Natasha Abudarham


Please reply to your invitation e-mail or follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.


Date: Wednesday, 28 January 2009
Time:18.45 to 20.30

Institute of Cultural Affairs
Rue Amedee Lynen 8 -
1210 Brussels (St Josse/Sint Joost)
Nearest metro: Madou (5 minute walk)

Cost: A donation of €10 is requested to cover expenses including room rental, materials, drinks, snacks, etc.
Maybe Coming
  1. Andy Whittle
  2. Jeffrey Baumgartner
  3. Natasha Abudarham
  4. Kevin Scarlett
  5. Rob Mahieu
  6. Yannick Bollati
  7. Christine Horyslawski
  8. Nicole Patris
  9. Marrenna French
  10. Liesbet Willems
  11. Sara Willems
  12. Sylvain Gille
  13. Stphane Savelli
  14. Maria Balta
  15. Joanna Taylor
  16. Jennifer Palumbo
  17. Marc Bacon
  18. Karola Grodzki
  19. Lodewijk Regout
  20. Dorota Popiak
  21. Walid Aissaoui
Sarah Sutherland-Sherriff



How about you? Would you like to attend this workshop? Click here and let us know.

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