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Serious Waffle Session: Non-Traditional Therapies 

Serious Waffle Session: Non-Traditional Therapies

Brussels: 20 June 2017

In this session, you will learn about non-traditional therapies from three expert practitioners. You'll discover new ways to fall in love with life, to fall in love with yourself, free yourself from beliefs that limit your potential and understand what your body is telling you. It's a great opportunity to discover the possibilities to heal and grow. Join us!

The Speakers & Their Talks

Ulrike Weissenbacher

How about falling in love with life and with yourself?
By Ulrike Weissenbacher

Do you know the feeling “I have changed and suddenly I get stuck" or I fall back into old patterns?” Ulrike will share with you what neuroscience teaches us about the way our brains and our biochemistries function, and how we can use this understanding to produce the changes and outcomes we wish for. Be prepared for some surprising insights and for your curiosity and joy being irreversibly awakened.

About Ulrike

Ulrike is a psychotherapist - who combine classical psychotherapy and neuroscience - and trainer. She teaches future psychotherapists and coaches and regularly gives talks and workshops. Ulrike is a passionate explorer of the human mind and consciousness. She loves demystifying ancient wisdom, making it accessible in our modern world. Ulrike’s passion is to empower people to move towards true creation of joy and of circumstances, relationships and a future they wish for.


Tania Aranda

Remove Limiting Beliefs and Heal Yourself with EFT
By Tania Aranda

Tania will show you how the application of a simple technique based on meridian points can help you release negative emotions like stress, anxiety, fear and sadness; as well as help you removed those barriers that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be. You will experience: the mind body connection (thought that triggers an emotion) and how tapping can reduce  emotional charge in order to allow higher and more fun emotions.

About Tania

Tania is a passionate EFT practitioner who understands and connects with women's issues and challenges of today. Her joy is to support passionate, out-of-this world people who have been struggling at stepping up in their power and who are tired of being a "best kept secret". Tania helps them learn how to feel confident and trust their unique abilities and skills, as well as increase their income for doing what they love.

Learn more about Tania and her work at


David Franks

Bringing Body Memory into Awareness
By David Franks

What is body memory?

How is it created and why are we so often not aware of it?

How can body memory be brought into awareness - and why might we want to do this?

What can you do with it once it’s in awareness?

How to explore this further for yourself?

About David

David is fascinated about how to make the impossible possible. He practices Body Rebalancing and Light Therapy in both Berlin and Brussels. For 40 years David has been a leader, coach, facilitator and trainer, helping thousands of people all over the world create results they thought were impossible in their organisations and their lives. He loves learning and discovering new things, making music, cooking, and pretty much anything that can be done out of doors.

Learn more about David and his work at

Practical Information

When? Tuesday, 20 June 2017 from 18h30-21h00 - First talk at 19h00

Where? Transforma BXL Avenue Jules Bordet 13, 1140 Evere - Click for map

Cost €12 (pay at the door, please)


Places are limited. Please register here to ensure your seat


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